About the Karolinska Institutet University Library

Karolinska Institutet University Library is a university support function placed under the president in the KI organisation.

The library is assigned the following mission by the president:  

Based on Karolinska Institutet's overall goals and values, Karolinska Institutet's university library shall provide the university with the best possible conditions for conducting world-class research and education.
In order to achieve this the university library shall;

  • be responsible for providing scientific information and promoting open publishing,
  • contribute to the university's research being open and constantly available,
  • support scientific communication,
  • promote strengthened information literacy; the ability to search, evaluate and use information,
  • enable meetings across subject and organizational boundaries

The Library Council

There is a library council with representatives appointed by the president. The council’s tasks include supporting the development and strategic focus of KIB. The council is also to participate in preparing the library’s internal budget allocation in the yearly budget request.

The library council representatives are:

The council meets four times a year.

The Library organisation

The library staff consists of about 100 people, divided into three departments and seven units.

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