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On this page you will find information about the library and KI's IT resources for students (and external visitors), such as computers, wireless networks and software. This page is first and foremost about services handled by Student IT, more e-services can be found at E-services.

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Student account

All students get a student account wich gives you access to several e-services at KI. All information about your student account, including how to change your password, can be found at Student account.

You can also contact Student IT if you have trouble changing your password, or have forgotten your password.

Summer hours Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00 (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

Access after your studies are finished

You have access to your student account (student e-mail, Canvas and other systems) two semesters after you have finished your studies at KI. Make sure to save copies of material (emails, documents at Canvas and OneDrive, home catalogue etc) you want to keep before the account is closed down.

Access to Microsoft 365 and library resources are closed as soon as your studies are finished.


Ladok is a web service where you can check reported grades and print official transcripts of your study results and a certificate of study registration, in both Swedish and English. Everything you print from Ladok is verified certificates and can be sent to any authoritiy or other universities.

If you are a former student or in need of a certificate with a signature and stamp, please go to Transcripts of records for more information.

Problems logging in on Ladok?

  • If you are a student, please contact Student IT via or phone 08-524 82 222.
  • Doctoral students, contact the IT-support
  • If you have suggestions or comments about Ladok, contact

Use KI computers

Most stand-alone computers can be used by all visitors. The computers in group rooms and computer rooms are only for KI affiliated.

As a KI student or employee, you use your KI-login to log in. As an external visitor you use the credentials you receive when you get your library card. 

Some users might need to change keyboard language to Swedish. See the instructions on how to change keybord language on the library's computers. 

Your home catalogue

As a student at KI you can access your documents saved in the catalogue connected to your student login from home or the wireless network. The home catalogue can be found on H:, click on the icon on the desktop containing your user name. We recommend that you work with your documents through your home catalogue since we do daily backups and can secure that nothing is lost.

Wireless network

As a student or employee at KI you can use the wireless network Eduroam which extends over large areas of the campus. We recommend using Eduroam because you don't have to log in every time you connect. Eduroam is an international collaboration and is available at many universities and public places (airports, for example) around the world.

Wireless networks

  • If you use Eduroam, you need to use certain settings. Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Guests use the network KI-Guest. Login details can be obtained at by asking the library staff.

Computer rooms

The computer rooms are only for KI's students and doctoral students. In Flemingsberg, the computer rooms are only for booked lectures. In Solna, students may use the computer rooms when no booked lectures are taking place. Use your KI card to enter.

By logging on to the computers, you agree to KI's rules and guidelines for computer use

If you're a teacher you can book the computer rooms for lectures

Examination halls

The examination halls can be booked for digital and analog exams. Both digital exams as well as traditional ones on paper are conducted in the same hall. Read more about the examination halls

Software installed on KI computers

Software installed on all computers in computer rooms and in the library

Microsoft 365

All active students at KI (enrolled to a program/course) have access to Microsoft 365. The service is provided by KI but it is your choice to download and use it. No user support is given by KI, but you can find instructions and help at Microsoft Office support site.

Read more about Microsoft 365 for students at KI


KI gives students access to the Affinity design software suite (Photo, Designer and Publisher) that you can install on your own computer. Student IT at the University Library handles the licenses for students. If you are an employee / doctoral student and wish to use Affinity, you must contact the licensing officer at your department.

Read more about Affinity for students at KI

SPSS Statistics

KI offers students licens to SPSS Statistics. You can install it on your own computer.

More information and how to install SPSS


KI offers students license to text-to-speech program TorTalk. You can install it on your own computer.

More information and how to install TorTalk

Access your email on a smartphone or forward

Instructions on setting up email on smartphone or forward emails.


Summer hours Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00 (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

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