New student

As a new student, the library is an important part of the introduction to KI, as we support students with IT questions. Important information can be found at the KI web pages Planning your arrival, Student account and Welcome to Karolinska Institutet.

Special routines for the spring semester 2021

Due to COVID-19, the start of the semester in 2021 will be very different. Here's a list that can be good for new students to know:

  • The libraries are open, but with limited opening hours. These opening hours are valid until otherwise stated.
    • In Flemingsberg, we only offer extended opening hours all days 7.00-22.00, which means that you go in with your KI card and take care of your chores yourself. 
    • In Solna, staff are on site between 11 am and 1 pm and you do not need the KI card to enter the library. We also offer extended opening hours all days 7.00-22.00 with KI card.
    • To reduce physical contact with the staff at the library, it is good if you call or chat with us instead. We can guide you by phone / chat to find the right shelf or how to borrow books.
  • Your KI card is mandatory if you want to use the library in Flemingsberg, otherwise you will not be able to enter. Please note that the KI card issue station may have special routines and opening hours, read carefully on their page KI card for students before you go to campus.
  • You can borrow and reserve books immediately after activating your student account, but if you have not retrieved your KI card before you want to borrow a book, you must first log in to My Account and select a PIN code. Click Personal Information > Change PIN or Password. Select a four-digit PIN code. Note that you do not need to enter a password again, just click Save after selecting a code. You then use your social security number and PIN code to borrow yourself in our lending machines.
  • Books that are on the shelves - Available when you search for the book in reSEARCH - you pick up yourself on the shelf and borrow in the lending machine.
  • As usual, you can reserve books to have them sent between Solna < > Flemingsberg.
  • Reserved books can be picked up after you have received your email that the book is available for collection. Take your book, which is sorted by your last name, and borrow it in the lending machine.
  • Please note that access to the library's e-resources (e-books, articles, etc.) is governed by the day when your course starts.

Activate your student account

As a new student you need to activate your student account, follow the instructions.

Activate your student account

Problems activating the student account? Tips on how to get started can be found on My student account. If you should continue having problems, contact Student IT at the University Library. 

Summer hours Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00 (only support by phone and e-mail).
08-524 82 222

The student account is used for...

Get your KI card

Your KI card serves as your access card, library card and printing card. All information on how to get your card can be found at KI card for students

The KI card is handled by the Security Unit at Karolinska Institutet.

The KI card is used for...

  • Access card
  • Library card
  • Printing

Wireless network and other IT services

On the page Computers & IT you will find all the information related to KI's IT services, including wireless network and how to connect the student e-mail to your smartphone. At the library you will also find Student IT, a support function for student IT-related issues. 

Study facilities

Access to library facilities spring semester 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the libraries at KI will have very limited opening hours and service. Read more on the page Current information about library services during the COVID-19 pandemic

The library usually offers various kinds of study facilities for different needs. You can read more about them on the page Study facilities. Other parts of the campus offers a variety of facilities, including ANA 23 (Alfred Nobels allé 23 in Flemingsberg) and House 75 (Solna).

Get to know your library

Please note that special conditions apply spring term 2021 due to COVID-19.

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