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Due to COVID-19, no overdue charges have been distributed. When the restrictions have eased we are reintroducing the overdue charge, starting 30 August.
It's happening! We are very happy to soon present our new website which will be launched on 23 August 2021. When you visit our site after 23 August, it will look a little different.
After the account move, you who have forwarded your student e-mail to an alternative e-mail account must do this setting again. Learn how to forward your email.
It has now been forty years since the CDC bulletin Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) described cases of a rare lung infection in five gay men in Los Angeles. This was the first official report of what would become known as AIDS.
During summer the loan period for books is prolonged. Starting 25 June the libraries will apply summer opening hours.
Due to a carpet change in Flemingsberg, the specialist books, ie the books that are outside the course book room, will be unavailable from 22 May until sometime in August.
We are now simplifying loan periods for course books and removing day loan periods. Instead, all course books will have a seven day loan period.
Now all students can download the speech synthesis program TorTalk to their own computer. Speech synthesis is used to convert text to speech, and can be extra helpful if you find it difficult to read plain text.
The library in Solna now offers extended opening for KI students and KI employees. The library in Solna will be open with KI card every day of the week 7:00–22:00.
Add your KI account as a login method to your NCBI account now, to make sure you have access to your account even after June 1.
Our workshops for doctoral students and researchers are now open for registration! We are broadening our support in popular science writing and open science.
As from 12 January 2021 KI has an updated policy regarding publishing open access. The policy concerns all researchers at, or affiliated to, KI when publishing research results in publications.
At KIB we work hard for the open future of research and education. Although, the price for that must be reasonable and transparent to everyone. There must be various ways to openness, the landscape must be more diverse than we recently have seen.
New publishing opportunities and other changes to the Library’s e-resources 2021.
On this page we will gather current information about the library services during the COVID-19 pandemic.
For just over a year, the library in Solna has been closed for renovation, but now the new library has opened.