KIB Workshops – news for researchers!

Our workshops for doctoral students and researchers are now open for registration! This semester we offer twenty-seven activities - workshops and presentations on searching information, scientific publishing, academic writing, reference management, and more. The workshops aim to support KI's doctoral students and researchers in the communication and publication process, especially regarding scientific writing skills and information competence.

We are also broadening our support in popular science writing and open science. From January 2021, it is strongly recommended that a popular science summary in English be included in dissertations presented at KI. To support doctoral students in this, we offer two workshops this semester on how to summarize and present the contents of the dissertation to the general public.

Expectations on publishing and sharing research data openly are becoming more common. KI is part of the national consortium Swedish National Data Service (SND) and offers support in data management issues at a local level via a so-called Data Access Unit (DAU). KI's DAU is part of the Research Data Office (RDO), of which KIB is a part. For the first time, the DAU group will give two workshops focusing on publishing and sharing research data.

Find all the events under What´s up where you also register to participate. All activities are free of charge, but you need to register in advance. Our only demand is that your email address ends with In accordance with KI's recommendations, all teaching this semester is given remotely via zoom. We will send you a zoom link and information before the workshop starts.

Most of these workshops are also available "on demand" for your department. The best way to order a workshop is to fill in our form.

These workshops will give you the possibility to work hands-on with issues that may be relevant in your doctoral education or in your research. Some of our workshops might also be useful for you as an employee, of course are you welcome too! 

If you have questions about the workshops, please contact the Library Research Support.

Karolina Karjalainen (on leave)

Librarian and coordinator of KIB Workshops for doctoral students and researchers. Teaches in areas related to scientific communication and publishing.