When you need to study away from the library – borrow an e-book

Tired of queuing up for textbooks, or are you worried viruses might spread, or simply can't come to the library? Then you should try borrowing an e-book.

Did you know that almost half, or just over 250, of the English titles in KIB's course book rooms are also available electronically? Unfortunately, it's still basically impossible for libraries to purchase Swedish e-books, which is an extra pity as 60% of the titles in the course book rooms are in Swedish.

When you read an e-book from Ebook Central, where the majority of our course books are located, our recommendation is to do it online and logged in to Ebook Central's own web interface. Then you can mark text and make notes, that will remain as long as your KI account is valid. It also works well to download a single chapter offline from Ebook Central. But if you need the whole book, it can only be downloaded for a maximum of 21 days at a time. After that, both the book and any notes you made during the loan period will disappear. More detailed instructions on downloading books from Ebook Central can be found on the page Download e-books with a limited loan period.

In total, the library has almost 40,000 electronic books, which is about as many as our print books in Flemingsberg and Solna together (including those in storage because of the renovation of the Solna library).

Caroline Myrberg

Librarian with the main focus on making the library's e-resources available. I also work with user support.